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When you think of family law, the first thing that typically comes to mind is divorce. However, family law involves many other important aspects, such as custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and property division or distribution.

Family law includes custody and visitation disputes. Custody disputes arise between two parents, whether or not they have been married to each other. In addition to deciding which parent will have custody of the children, it's also important to develop a visitation schedule. The visitation schedule can include vacation and holiday time for each parent. In some cases, parents want to modify custody or visitation after they have already been determined.

After determining where the children will live, it's important to figure out which parent will pay child support and how much they will have to pay. Child support is set according to the laws passed in each state, and is based upon the income of one or both parents. Child support can also be reviewed and modified if the income of the parent obligated to pay has changed.

Family law and divorce cases are often wrought with emotion and stress. Aaland Law works to provide its clients with thoughtful advice and experience in dealing with these stressful situations. While cooperation between all parties is beneficial, it is not always possible. 

The attorneys at Aaland Law recognize the inherent difficulties in dealing with family law matters and work diligently to apply the correct strategy to get the best result for their clients.
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